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RaiseRight Gift Card Fundraising

Earn Money for You and MSHA!

Earn money back by buying gift cards from RaiseRight to pay for your everyday shopping and spending year-round. Groceries, dining out, home improvement, and everything in between. It’s the most convenient and effective way to fundraise because earning becomes part of your everyday life. Plus, gift cards are great for helping you to set and keep a weekly budget. 

It's never been easier to create opportunities for what matters most to you. No extra money spent. No extra time wasted. 

How it works:

  • Buy gift cards at full value from 750+ brands. Pick from eGift cards and physical gift cards.
  • Earn up to 10% on every gift card you buy. You also earn MSHA the same amount at the same time!
  • Use gift cards at full value for your everyday purchases.
  • Watch your fundraising account grow throughout the year, thanks to the brands that give back to support your community!

Get started today!

Create your free account on the RaiseRight mobile app or at

Have questions or need our organization’s enrollment code? Contact Jodi Reimnitz.

MSHA Program Information

Gift cards purchased through the MSHA enrollment code provides rebates split between you and the MSHA. For example, if a gift card is providing a 10% earning rebate, you will earn 5% and the MSHA will get  the other 5% of the gift card rebate amount. Purchasing a $100 gift card with 10% earning rebate provides $5 to your account and $5 to the MSHA fund.

Earnings are accumulated from May 1st to April 30th each year.  The balance you earn in a year will be provided as a discount code that you can apply towards the next season's registration fees, or can be banked each year until you decide to redeem the earnings.

The gift cards can be purchased online using the Raise Right App. E-cards are available within minutes as well as card reloads.  Physical cards can be ordered and are available the following week.

No Player? You Can Still Support the MSHA!

If you want to support the MSHA but don't have a player registered, you can still sign up, purchase gift cards, and earn money for you and the MSHA! RaiseRight is a great way to donate to the MSHA just by shopping like you always do. You can choose to donate your earnings to MSHA as well. 

To get started on your RaiseRight account, contact Jodi for the MSHA enrollment code

Jodi Reimnitz

RaiseRight Fundraising Coordinator

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