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Youth Season Registration




NOTE: There are several new changes to registration this year.
Please read all the details below and then continue to the registration link at the bottom.

Welcome To MSHA - Please Read Carefully Before Registering

Hello and Welcome to the 30th Anniversary Season of the Mitchell Skating and Hockey Association!

If you are a new member, WELCOME and please read this carefully to answer some important questions and to make your registration process flow easily.  Returning members, WELCOME BACK for another great season! Please read all the information as we have new and exciting changes for the 2023-24 season!  

Things you need in order to register:

  • USA Hockey Confirmation Number.  Each player must have a USA Hockey # in order to register as a Mitchell Marlin.  To acquire this number, you must first register your player on the USA Hockey site: CLICK HERE to go to USA Hockey Registration (fee payment required). USA Hockey registration fees provide insurance coverage and program development opportunities for all participants. Once registered with USA Hockey, participants are also registered with the SDAHA, South Dakota's governing body.  You must return to the Marlin site to complete your registration after registering with USA Hockey.
  • Username/Password for the MSHA SportsEngine site.  Returning users must login with your previous username and password as this will prevent possible duplication of accounts for your family. If you do not remember your login username, please contact the MSHA Registrar at the bottom of this page.  You will then have to retrieve your password - we do not have access to passwords.

    New members will set up their username and password when registering.  A confirmation email will be sent to you BEFORE you can complete your registration so please watch for it!
  • Payment Methods – a valid form of payment will be required to complete your registration.  This includes: Visa, Mastercard, Discover or your checking account information (including account number and routing number). The registration payment plan process has been updated for 2023-24 to allow for your total to be split up over 5 installments!

    To accommodate all options for our families, if you would like to pay by check to avoid processing fees, follow these steps - you will need to work through the registration process to determine your total amount due. You will then need to screenshot/print your total from the shopping cart and mail a check for the amount (minus fees) to the address below.  Once cleared, you will receive a discount code that will be used to complete the registration.

    MSHA Registration
    PO BOX 5 
    Mitchell, SD 57301

Fees & Fundraising:

  • MSHA Registration Fees – For new players, MSHA registration fees are waived for the first year regardless of level. This has been a program sponsored by the MSHA for several years to welcome new players to our program. 

    New for 2023-24! Thanks to a generous sponsor this year, MSHA registration fees for all 8U players are covered for this season! The 8U program design for this season is still in the works, but  please register your eligible player and more information will be provided. 

    MSHA registration fees vary by level as follows:  Squirts - $225, league levels: PeeWee - $385, Bantam - $420, Girls 14U - $420, Girls Varsity - $495 & Boys JV/Varsity - $495. The fee will increase by $50 after August 15th for PeeWee level and up, so be sure to get registered as soon as possible! 
  • Tournament Fees – Beginning at the advanced 8U level, teams get to attend out-of-town tournaments. These tournaments charge the association a team registration fee. These fees are minimal for young skaters but increase as they advance and participate in larger tournaments. Each Squirt team will attend SDAHA-organized jamborees which do not have a fee.

    Due to popular demand, we are now collecting tournament fees during registration to create better efficiencies for tournament operations and team participation. This also allows for tournament fees to be split included with the new payment plan.

    All registered players at the following levels will see these tournament fees during the registration process: Squirt - N/A, PeeWee -$143.00, Bantam - $158.00, 14U -$116.00,  Girls Varsity -$116.00, Boys Varsity -$137.00. (Please note that these amounts are estimated based on previous seasons and any fee shortages incurred upon completion of the various tournaments will be invoiced at a later time.)
  • Jersey Fees - Girls Varsity and Boys JV/Varsity players will see a new annual $80 jersey fee to cover the custom jerseys, breezer covers and socks that each player will get to keep at the end of their playing career and/or when we issue new jersey sets. The current plan is to issue new jersey sets every two years. If you are in need of any replacement pieces, be sure to contact your team coordinators.
  • Hockey Socks - For the 30th anniversary season, game socks for Squirts through Bantam/Girls 14U are all new and have been updated with a custom sublimated design and additional sizing options! All players at these levels will need to purchase a new pair of socks for this season. These socks are intended for games, however, you can order extras to be worn during practices if desired.

    8U: These socks are optional for practices and games, and will be available for purchase during the season as well. 
  • Equipment Rental - Equipment is available for 8U & Squirt levels.  8U equipment rentals will be free as part of the new registration sponsorship program this year based on available inventory. Equipment rentals for Squirt level players will be $75 for the season (equipment rental fees are waived for first year skaters).

    During the registration process, you will be asked if you need equipment. If you check yes, you will be contacted as to when the equipment hand-outs will be scheduled. Please remember that everyone that volunteers for the association also has a job and other obligations, so please be considerate and plan on attending the scheduled equipment hand-out times. 
  • Raffle Tickets – Raffle tickets are our biggest fund-raiser for the season and help up to keep the registration fees down and keep quality equipment available for all skaters. The tickets will be handed out on Forms Turn in Night (more information will be emailed at a later date). The money for tickets will be collected during registration and you keep the money for the tickets as they are sold.
  • DIBS/Volunteering - MSHA is a nonprofit, parent-run organization. In order to provide the opportunity for your child to learn to skate and play hockey, we must rely on all of our parent members to help the association run smoothly. Each skater is assigned 45 credits (with a maximum of 65 credits for multi-skater families) that must be worked before the season is over. First year skaters are required to work 15 credits and are encouraged to volunteer in order to learn more about the association. 

    These credits may be worked in the concession stand, helping with games, doing maintenance work on the building, helping with the equipment rental, joining committees, working on special projects, and a variety of other jobs that must be done in order for us to keep our association one of the best in the state. If the credits are not worked by the end of the season, you will be charged $30.00 per credit for anything that was not completed. Families do have the opportunity to buyout any number of DIB hours during the registration checkout process for the rate of $30.00 per credit. The MSHA Handbook contains a list of jobs that earn DIBs is available on the Policies & Procedures page of our website.

Again, welcome to another great season in the MSHA. We are excited to have new skaters as well as all our returning players!! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any  MSHA Board member or Programs committee member. We are here to answer any questions and ensure you have a great experience in the Marlin Hockey family!!

Janel Laufman


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